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Hey!My name is Julia. I am a documentary filmmaker doing a European master at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. I'm currently doing research for my graduation documentary about the power of the art to heal a human. I want to explore how young people cope with the difficulties in their lives through music. During adolescence, people begin to face loneliness, misunderstanding, and the fear of discovering themselves and the world. Music becomes the bridge between the teenager's inner feelings and reality. I am interested in observing how music helps to express experiences that are difficult to describe in words and has a therapeutic effect on its creator/performer. I went through a difficult teenage period and the only thing that allowed me to maintain a healthy relationship with others was that I participated in the performance of musicals. Music really helped me during that period and that's why it's important for me to make a movie about the hope it gives.


The result of my research should be a short art documentary for which I am looking for protagonists. I am looking for the young people (14 to 23 years old) who are playing, singing or creating music by themselves. It is important that music acts as a support for them and gives them strength to live each day. 


The important thing is that I don't use a TV approach where the whole movie is shot in a couple of days. On the contrary, I use long-term observation and collaboration, where it is important that the characters get used to me and that everyone involved feels secure and comfortable with the process.

If you are interested in the project, let me know. 

Text me here:

Whatsapp +32 490 46 19 00

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