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”Where I am now”

documentary dance film by Julia Kushnarenko

My name is Julia, and I am a documentary filmmaker studying for a European master's degree at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. Currently, I am working on my graduation film titled "Where I am now," which is a hybrid film blending two genres: documentary and dance. The film explores the fear of not belonging to one's own reality. As humans, we tend to identify ourselves through other people who are similar to us. But what happens when a person is forced to leave their home and finds themselves disconnected from everything through which they recognized themselves? Through people's stories, I want to explore our human capacity to find a place in a new reality. This is a story about the hope that everyone carries inside.

The movie will be based on audio interviews with people who were forced to leave their homeland  and are going(or went)  through integration  into a new environment. Now I am currently in search of protagonists for interviews, who has experience of migration. During the interviews I will record only sound( no image). It can also be anonymous if the participant wishes. The interview will be partly in English and partly in the participant's mother tongue.

If you are interested in participation in the project and share your story in audio interview, please contact me:


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